Cowboys of Creedence

Final cover for Caught Up In a Cowboy

Cowboys of Creedence Series Blurb

Page Turner Series

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Bannister Brothers

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Blurb on Banister Brothers Series

Cotton Creek

RomancingTheRanger_recover_500    HookedOnLove_recover_500    CatchingTheCowgirl_500

Blurb on Cotton Creek Series

 Hearts of Montana

Tucked Away Cover- 800 x 1200 size    HIDDEN_AWAY COVER_500    StolenAway-final cover 500

Blurb on Hearts of Montana Series


audio book cover_AnotherSaturdayNight audio book coverEasyLikeSundayMourning audio book cover Caught_Up_in_a_Cowboy

 Novellas & etc.

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 Blurb on Hearts of Montana Series